Zig-Zag Mummy




This is a great magic trick for a beginner using the solid model mummy provided which is visually sliced into 3 pieces then visually restored, it even comes with a little dagger to prove the authenticity of the illusion.
Zig-Zag, Cut & Restored Mummy Performance Video

If you don’t like the mummy story, you can easily adapt this to perform the zig zag cigarette (cigarette not provided for obvious reasons but it’s a doddle to make your own). Alternatively, the extensive video instructions (unique link and password are sent to you following your purchase) also teach you how to adapt this to perform the zig zag pencil trick using your own everyday pencils.

Zig-Zag, Cut & Restored Pencil Performance Video

Like all of my tricks, every detail of how to get the most out of the effect is taught via comprehensive video tutorials on a private page of my website. You’ll receive the link and password for the page after the purchase is completed, don’t share it as the key to the amazement of your audience is in the secret.

This trick actually comes as one of the tricks in our White Box as part of our Letterbox Magic Easy Magic Subscription, to get your first box for free simply visit www.letterboxmagic.com/freebox


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