International Letterbox Magic Subscription


A one month subscription to Letterbox Magic, ideal to be given as a gift to the aspiring magician in your life. **INCLUDES INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING**

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Ideal as a gift as you’ll get the box sent out to you to give to the lucky recipient and unwrap on the day but their monthly access to the online tutorials won’t start until they first go online and input their special unique code. If you prefer, the box can be shipped straight to the recipient along with instructions telling them how to get online.

Letterbox Magic Subscribers receive a new box of magic tricks through their letterbox each month with a new password to access detailed video tutorials on how to get the most out of every single trick. They’ll be amazing their friends and family in no time with the simplest of techniques but as they practice and progress, they can move on to the more difficult and even more amazing effects.

Matt helps them every step of the way with engaging tutorials from the Letterbox Magic Den but you’re more than welcome to practice along with them too. As long as they are a member they’ll have access to all of the tutorials for the boxes they have received as well as acceptance to the Letterbox Magic Members Group on Facebook where they’ll receive extra hints and tips as well as live help broadcasts direct from the Letterbox Magic Den.


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