Beginner’s Magic Masterclass Lifetime Access


Lifetime Access to the Beginner's Magic Masterclass Online Course. Learn 15+ Amazing Tricks & Great Utility Moves For Creating Your Own

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The Beginner’s Magic Masterclass teaches you over 15 tricks and invaluable utility moves to get you on the road to becoming a great magician or just somebody who can perform awesome tricks, really well.

It’s aimed at adults but dedicated individuals from the age of about 12 up should be able to master the moves given the right level of concentration. You can leave your comments on each trick’s dedicated page to help others, give ideas or get some help direct from Matt or other trainee magicians.

Lifetime access to the course is just a one off fee of £19.99 or £23.99 with all the professional equipment you need delivered FREE (within the UK) right through your Letterbox.


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